Anna Flora Ecohoaka Set
Anna Flora Ecohoaka Set

Anna Flora Ecohoaka Set

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 This model does not come with pads. Since the size of this swimsuit is quite standard, it comes with holes on the side to allow you to reuse your own pad you already have at home.


Made of recycled plastic bottles. Certified by


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ECOHOAKA Sizing is different from the original Hoakas since the material is much more stretchable. You definitely should refer to the sizing chart below.

Anna Flora Ecohoaka Tops

€32,00 3200

SIZE GUIDE: (see full size chart below)


€21,00 2100

SIZE GUIDE: (see full size chart below)

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** We strongly advise that you use your actual measurement since it will give you a more accurate size than your bra size. 

We still added an approximate bra size as a reference but remember that bra sizes can vary between stores so the real measurement is better.**

Under bust

Full bust

For the underbust measurement

Your measuring tape should be very tight on your body

For the full bust measurement

You should wear a bra which is not padded and the measuring tape should be comfortable around your body (not too tight)

 ECOHOAKA Top Size Chart

 ECOHOAKA Bottom Size Chart